• React Website (Single Page, Simple User Interface) Website: A React Website Application that will allow you to effortlessly setup, and mint your NFTs to your community.

  • Multiple Pages as required, includes: Roadmap, Rarities, FAQ, and Mint! 

  • Website Linked to Direct On Site Minting Application 

  • Social Links - Discord, Twitter, Telegram

  • Discord &Twitter Marketing Services

  • Content can be 100% Customized 

Q:Can Web3Me make my art into an NFT ?

A: Yes, We can also digitize any art into 2D & 3D , Along with AR and VR Capabilities 

Q: How does Web3Me work ?

A: We create the metadata contracts for NFT on the block chain and integrate the stores metadata & NFT Images, and when the purchase is initiated the NFT is 'Minted' and provided to the buyer though the site directly !

Q: What is Minting ?

A: Minting is the process of converting data into an NFT on the Blockchain, we upload the data  and when the token is minted and the data is converted into a real NFT, bringing your product to life!

**Solana Transaction fees to create NFTs are not included**